Patch Less, Protect More:
Prioritize Vulnerabilities that can ACTUALLY be Exploited
On Demand Webinar
SecOps and vulnerability management teams today struggle to sort through thousands of vulnerabilities and are literally drowning in shifting patch priorities. While all these patches are deployed, it often does little to reduce the actual risk.

Why is this? The fact is, vulnerability and threat intelligence frameworks don’t account for the security controls deployed in your organization. Without insight into what attacks would be blocked by your security controls to prevent vulnerabilities from being exploited, there is no way to effectively measure the risk to your organization.

In this webinar you will learn:
  • How to reduce the attack surface by prioritizing vulnerabilities based on their actual business risk.
  • How to make a real difference in your security posture by prioritizing vulnerabilities and correlating with your security controls.
  • How to gauge the importance of a vulnerability based on the attack surface it can target, its reachability for external attackers, the chances it will give access to a critical asset, and the blast radius or potential reach of the vulnerability.