Ensure Your Remote Workforce is Secure
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Your remote workers use home networks, VPNs and personal devices to work with critical, confidential data. Many lack Enterprise-Grade defenses.

We will help you to safeguard the work activities and data of a remote workforce.

This service provides the following benefits:
  • Quickly identifies and remediates security gaps and drifts, to stop cyber attacks and prevent data breaches that pose major business risks.
  • Offloads security testing for the remote workforce to a team of specialized experts at SafeBreach.
  • Aids business continuity, while protecting your remote workforce and your data assets - without adding to the demands placed on your security teams.

You will receive the following actionable deliverables: (1) Assessment of your remote workforce risk; (2) Detailed findings on the tests performed; and (3) A prioritized remediation plan.

This service is provided by SafeBreach.

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