The Top 5 Critical Capabilities of a Breach and Attack Simulation Platform
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Investing in a Breach and Attack Simulation platform is a strategic decision that will impact a multitude of areas across your teams. The right BAS platform will validate the controls into which you have invested millions. But what are the truly important criteria in choosing a BAS platform?

Here is the whitepaper that guides you through that decision.

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  • Why it is critical to have a comprehensive playbook containing [over 15,000] attack tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) that cover all advanced persistent threats (APTs)
  • How important it is that BAS simulations run safely, deliver accurate results, and scale intelligently
  • How ease of use in a BAS solution makes your other security controls easier to operate for maximum security gains
  • How to prioritize mitigation actions by correlating simulation results with your vulnerability management data
  • How quickly and easily a well-designed BAS platform can deploy in your environments